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In these times, with so much cancer, chronic and degenerative illness epidemics; it’s to everyone’s benefit to understand detoxing. People have hundreds of chemicals stored in the body, and the toxins have been discovered in humans and animals in the most remote regions, far from where these chemicals have been used.

Detoxing was a mater of life and death for me. I became highly educated healing and detox after getting sick with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. My otherwise healthy body suddenly stopped being able to detox everyday chemicals. I became so sensitive, I would get neurological and pulmonary symptoms 10 feet away from someone’s fabric softener. I did get well with effort and time, and now feel better than ever.

Toxins cause everything from obesity, acne, fatigue, depression, MS, chronic fatigue, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, cancer and increases your chances of any illness and general malaise.

Detoxing involves a lot of things like:

  • Avoid Toxins in food and clear your home of toxic materials
  • Learn what it is to detox  the body and learn how the body works in relation to toxins
  • Supplements and foods that help your body detox
  • Eat Super-Foods daily.
  • Strengthen your body and immune system so that it is an optimally working and heals itself
  • Different detox protocols like sauna, oil pulling , coffee enema, juicing, etc
  • Dealing with stress, emotional issues that cause long term stress
  • Mind/Body techniques
  • Yoga/Meditation/Breathing
  • Heal the gut
  • Balance Hormones ad eliminate endocrine disruptors
  • Last, but should be first perhaps, Grounding and Earthing

Healthy is beauty, weight loss, optimal health and well being.

I got well and as side benefits got great skin, hair, lost weight (and cellulite), gained muscle tone, happy mood, energy and overall health and well being! Everything I do is pretty much anti-cancer and cancer prevention; so that is one worry I do not have!

Getting toxins out of your life is seriously green! Consuming toxins pollutes the Earth! Rid your life of toxic materials and you have a clean planet. If no one is using these toxic chemicals, then no toxic factories will be polluting the rivers. Fabric softener is a major source of air and waterway pollution.
I write daily posts for Facebook, Twitter and have many videos on YouTube. Don’t forget, I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, and this is just my own experience. I’m not giving any medical advice, but I must say, doctors didn’t help me. All I had to get well was Google. If you know anyone sick, suffering from chemical sensitivity or any other chronic disease there is, you can send them to my Facebook page or YouTube channel.

After years of study and healing, I believe that the mind/body connection, that breathing, nature, learning to regulate your ‘energy’ etc is the key to total recovery of all of the bodys physical systems and the nervous system which is central to MCS and toxin storage. This is why I have so many ads for my programs here. I honestly think it is a major competent of the cure. There is not rocket science involved. Its pretty simple and enjoyable!

Happy Detoxing and Health!


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