Online Interactive Brain Retraining for MCS Program!

Brain Retraining for MCS,  Nervous System Healing & More.

 beautiful healthy body & manifesting goals are side benefits.

Yoga and Meditation techniques which have proven to heal the mind and body!

NOVEMBER SPECIAL $50 Month~ Daily Program on Skype~Price good for up to a year.9:00 am EST (NY Time)  7 days per week

WEEKENDS Only-  $24 Monthly


Ultra-GENTLE Yoga + meditation WEDNESDAYS at 8:00am, California Time 11:00 am NY Time, 5:00pm Europe  $10 0r $35 month (we work with any kind of physical condition or restriction) {we will add and change schedule according to interest~}

Yoga and meditation healed my nervous system to a wonderful degree. Online Interactive Brain Retraining for MCS is the most enjoyable easy way to heal.


Brain retraining for MCS involves getting into a relaxed state on a regular basis and changing  habitual thoughts and reactions (neural pathways). Even if our body is no longer suffering from toxicity, our brains remember the toxic assault and register each and every chemical as a threat.  This  ignites the stress ‘fight or flight’ response. This state of stress is very toxic for the body and nervous system. It happens automatically. Its a function like yawning or sneezing.

When we have been injured by toxic chemicals, the subconscious stores these memories reptilian brain. This part is called the amygdala. Even before we smell the chemicals, the brain has perceived the threat and goes into the ‘stress response”. This damages the body over time, MCS is often associated with an over active stress response or ‘damaged the amgdala. Brain retraining for MCS is a wonderful component for recoveing from Chemical Sensitivity.

Science is proving that Stress is a major causal factor in every chronic condition.  Cancer, MS, MCS, CFS, FM, EM, Obesity, Heart problems etc. Brain retraining for MCS reverses this stress.

The latest in neuroscience demonstrates that the brain can heal and create new ‘neural pathways’ and new responses . My brain does not react to chemicals, sending out messages to my whole body before I have time to think. Of course the chemicals are still not good for the body and my lungs are still sensitive at times.  Brain retraining for MCS works with detoxing for powerful healing program.


These techniques  help manifest your dreams and goals!

A person with MCS has a sense of smell 100 to 1000 times that of other people. Smells go directly to the brain. Even when the body has been repaired and detoxified, the brain and body go into panic mode upon exposure to a toxic chemical. If you did not have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD before being ill with Chemical Sensitivities, you develop a form of PTSD as a result of the constant threat of danger that toxic chemicals posed to your body.

Every time you are in a relaxed state it activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This allows for new pathways to be made in the brain. I have developed this program and I no longer smell people’s laundry detergent from across the room. My brain has repaired significantly and continues improving.  I feel great, I am very fit and in the best health of my life and I have reached so many dreams and goals through visualization and self-hypnosis. Its been wonderful.

Stimulating the Parasympathetic Nervous System (relaxed state) is very healing for the nervous system and every system of the body. The yoga we to is detoxifying to all of the organs and glands; and healing to every system in the body/mind.

My program is an easy way to be accountable and be led into enjoyable & fun activities which will repair your brain over time. You can learn use it by yourself at home or continue with the group.

Yoga Meditation Program

This Brain retraining for MCS  healed me and gave me a beautiful life!

You dont have to be sick to join, Its great for anyone and Fun!


Barter is available.

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Brain Retraining for MCS

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  • February 2, 2016
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