If you have MCS, you don’t need to be told how distressing this illness is! Luckily, everyday there is more awareness and help. The physical aspects are frightening and debilitating and the social consequences are sad, infuriating and humiliating. So many people just assume you are a complainer or a hypochondriac, when you are just trying to stay alive. I learned to suffer in silence(and further damaged my body) because people would be offended if I suggested something they used was toxic. After a while, I realized that I would just have to piss people off and let them think or say what they want. When you are having a chemical reaction, you can hardly think straight and your fight or flight mechanism is in full flight mode. Now that I am not so sick and desperate, I can calmly say how sick I used to be and how that still bothers me and people are nice. The social, relational component is intense! My view of the human race had to be readjusted based on how absolutely uncaring people were when I needed some small concessions.

I just want to give you a little background: I was always a healthy conscious, actively exercising and well-eating, so I was sensitive to chemicals, and maybe a few years ago, perfumes started bothering me. All of a sudden, in my gym and my workout class, people’s perfumes and fabric softener started bothering me, making me feel so sick, so  that I couldn’t stand to stay in the room anymore. I was left with a headache, disorientation and gasping for breath. Over a short period of time, wherever I went, the chemicals everywhere just bothered me—gave me headaches, made me grouchy, made me spacey, make me tired, hurt my lungs, and just made me feel awful.

It started off with not being able to do group cardio out at gym. It quickly became so bad that I could smell someones deodorant 5 feet away. I  took me months to realize that I just needed to stay home. I kept going to the gym, I kept going out and every time, there was a problem. If I went to a restaurant, I would be sickened by someone at the next tables fabric softener, or the bathroom air freshener. I was also sensitive to EMFs~the electricity from the wireless phone or the cell phone.

Looking at the above photo reminds me that when I was teaching pottery, I would feel sick from an empty bag which had once had laundry detergent in it. The bag would be 5 feet away. I would get sick from a friends coat that she had once worn with perfume on. Even the people who tried to accommodate me, there would always be something. If I went to the park and the chlorine from the fountain would hurt my lungs. If I was on the sidewalk, I could smell people’s perfume through the closed windows. Those little pine tree air fresheners made it impossible to ride in a taxi. I had an asthma attack working out on a polluted day and that was the beginning of my lungs being damaged. Once I was sickened by some  ‘aroma therapy’ (“organic” from China ) so that I could hardly even manage to put a sentence together. One time at the airport, I could hardly lift my carry-on. (I am generally very strong~those are my Online Zumba classes on the right ). When I was sick I had aches and pains and twitches which have since disappeared.

Its the neurotoxic chemicals that made me sick. So beside feeling physically ill and not being able to think straight, I was very irritable and this always made it almost impossible to express what I needed. Being in traffic was unbearable. I am sure at least 50% of road rage is the neurotoxic exhaust that invades the car in stopped traffic. Most cars made me very ill.

I immediately started googling to find out what was wrong with me.  I found out how serious MCS was and how it gets worse fast and unpredictably.  I  started detoxing and doing everything I could do, I read Sherry Roger’s books a few times through. I read all this stuff on Curezone.com which was sort of the only place, at the time, I could find people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). I started doing most of Sherry Rogers’ protocol which is the alpha-lipoic acid, glutathion, vitamin C, ssuna therapy, and coffee enemas on a daily basis. I did a hundred other things. I read incessantly, and did everything I could to get better. I also upped my nutrition and cleared my house of all the toxins I could. I got air purifiers. I had a friend who said he had an immune system disorder and got well by going to therapy, so I started going to therapy. I just did everything I could. I’ve had acupuncture. I took all kinds of supplements, ate all kinds of super foods. My lungs were damaged by MCS and I started implementing therapies, herb and food that are good for asthma and lung issues.

I have learned about stress and the mind/body connection. De-stressing is essential and I spend time doing restorative yoga, doing enjoyable things; not getting stressed over daily and reducing time spent with negative people.

I live in a city. One day, I suddenly couldn’t stand the smell of people’s perfumes and fabric softener; I could smell all kinds of toxins that others didn’t even notice. Air fresheners, Perfume, Car fumes, cigarette smoke, Sterno heaters at buffets, air fresheners, air cleaners, floor cleaners, scented and unscented candles and incense would give me a headache, irritability, inability to think, lung irritation (later some asthma) and this overall feeling of not being well. I felt just awful. I  first noticed it in the gym studio where I used to take dance workout classes. The most fun hours of my week turned into a tight-chested, headache, brain fog nightmare. I ended up getting banned from that gym when that one dance teacher accused me of being racist when I couldn’t dance next to one perfumed woman. She knew I was chemically sensitive.

The good news is, after about nine months or so of detoxing, I all of a sudden got well. The bad news is, all of the time I was detoxing, I was still getting worse. I wasn’t feeling any better at all, and if you have MCS, you know, it’s really frightening, and it’s really frustrating. I always had faith I would get well. I never believed all of the people who said it was permanent brain damage etc. I had to get well. That could not be the end of my active life. But after many months of detoxing and only becoming more sensitive, I sometimes lost hope.  I did not want to go live out in the desert all alone, like so many do. It is the most awful illness I can imagine because not only are you sick, you can’t go anywhere, and it’s a really serious, fatal disease, but everyone just thinks you’re neurotic and complaining, that it’s all in your mind, and doctor’s aren’t much better. MCS has a high rate of suicide and most people I have talked to found living unbearable at points. There are a lot of people with worse and very long term MCS and i really can’t imagine life even worse than what I had.

I started my sites and my channel to help other people and to encourage people to detox and build up your nutrition, health, alkalize and strengthen your health as quickly and as best as you can because you do not want to keep getting sicker because you can get well.
When I was sick, I would read for hours on all these message boards, and there were a lot of people sick, and there wasn’t a lot of people that got well. A lot of time when you get well, you just go live your life, but I want to come back and encourage everybody else to get well.

Also, I’m still detoxing and am still somewhat sensitive to chemicals. I don’t want to just get well enough so that I’m not “sick”. Now, I am just about as sensitive as millions of people who get headaches or asthma from air freshener or cigarette smoke. I have realize that tons of people are chemically sensitive and just don’t know it. The detergent isle bothered my 10 years before MCS. Now it hardly bothers me; although “Snuggle” still makes me sick! I don’t know whats in that, but its not good! My lungs are much better now.

I read everything I could in an effort to get well. My doctor just looked at me with a blank stare like I was crazy. She Ignored me. She later dropped me as a patient. I went to 10 other doctors, none of whom knew anything about MCS nor were willing to learn. I read so much trying to get well and  I had read about how very seriously sick people got that I did everything I could afford to get well. This is not an illness you want to address later. It can get suddenly much worse, many people are totally disabled, many people die. I spent most of my time all of that Winter in the sauna, doing colon cleansing, taking supplements and reading about MCS. All that time I was just getting worse.

Summer came I felt like a normal person again, only strong chemicals like incense or air freshener bothered me, but I could go most places without smelling everything.

That Autumn, when they turned on the heat in my building,  I started getting sick again. I did find some old materials in my radiators,  I felt much better when they were removed. To heal MCS you have to be a detective, trying to figure out why is making you sick and how you are damaged. The next Winter, I realized that it still bothered me and I turned off my bedroom radiator (my landlord had said that I couldn’t because it might cause problems in the whole building. I have since adopted the “it either them or me, and I chose me” philosophy).

I just want to share everything I found to help and give helpful links that may help. When I got sick I had no help from Doctors I saw and the few MCS websites were geared to studies and awareness. I just had Sherry Rogers’ books and the internet.  I tried all kinds of what I though were crazy remedies and then learned that they worked. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on doctors or going to detox centers (which I would do if I had the $). I studied MCS and Health for two hours or more a day when I was sick. I realized that while I felt fine when I was home or in nature, and I certainly didn’t look ill, that I was in fact very seriously.

I decided to put everything else in second place and dedicate all of my time and resources to getting well. I spent hours every day doing coffee enemas, saunas and reading.I decided to treat myself like I was in one of those environmental illness treatment centers. It was a good move. I feel great and am determined to be 100% able to go anywhere and feel good!