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*Detox Consulting  *Wellness Coaching  *help with Chemical Sensitivity  *Healing from Chronic Illness  *Weight Loss

Want to feel better, decrease cancer causing chemicals in your body, lose weight, heal MCS and other chronic conditions?

Detoxing is central to well being and healing.

Effective detoxing isn’t doing cleanses, particular supplements, methods or gimmicks.

Detoxing and wellness is a huge industry, but real detoxing and healing comes from knowledge. Each one of us can troubleshoot our own lives and see where we can cut out toxins and what detoxing methods work for us.   This will help you get well and stay well for life.

Detox Consulting & Coaching can help you find ways to greatly enhance your health.

I think everyone can get well from any condition. I healed myself from Chemical Sensitivity that had me housebound. Chemicals sensitivity, in my case involved a break-down of every area of health. Even though I knew a lot about health before that, and ate mostly organic, and helped my friend who decided to heal her cancer with alternative methods, I still got ill. In my case it was the stress that broke down my systems little by little. This along with an overload of chemical toxins from my early life caused me great harm.

IN my detox Consulting  I work with healing the body, organs, nervous system, anxiety, PTSD, energetic field, hormonal system and every area of well-being.

Some clients lost 50+ pounds just with  Detox Consulting or coaching learning how to move from toxic food to better foods.  This will change your life completely!

Others have completely gotten free of their debilitating chemical Sensitivity.

Detox Consulting & Coaching with me specializes in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia, Lyme’s , cancer and other chronic illness.

I do love helping people reach optimum wellness and lose weight.

Detox Consulting & Coaching involves no diets or restrictions. I have no set-in-stone eating rules.  I don’t try to get you to be someone you are not. I help you move from where you are to a healthy way that works. I am 100% convinced that this is the best way to eat. It’s a deep philosophy which requires you to know your body as your friend. Sure you can try different ways of eating and see how your body likes that. I eat non-toxic and don’t eat wheat.

If you have MCS or another chronic illness, it may be just one piece of information that changes your life. In my Detox Consulting & coaching I like to troubleshoot to find things that may be harming you ir the one thing that might turn you around.

Consulting & Coaching

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Monthly Package~Wellness (including REAL~ SUSTAINABLE ~EASY weight loss)

All Access to daily group Yoga/Meditation/Visualization online Sessions

Receive my eBook “Detox With Ease”3 hours of Wellness Coaching or Detox Consulting

$375 per Month

Order by Feb 13 and get an hour of free coaching or 2 private yoga/mediation/ mind healing.

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    A fast read & reference guide.  Contains effortless to advanced techniques. Reduce toxins by 90% at your own pace! Best Detox Book available.

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    This 71 page detox book is a positive, easy and extremely effective detox information.

    Author Eve Hennessa healed herself of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and spent years studying the toxins in everything we come in contact with, as well as, all the most effective detox methods. 

    " I lost 50 pounds and got healthy! Best Detox Book Available"  Eliza Bundledee

    This detox knowledge and techniques are used in healing any chronic illness. MCS, CFS, Cancer, Obesity, Fibromyalgia, Lymes, Arthritis, Aches & Pains, MS, ED, Depression, Anxiety, Infertility, memory problems, bad mood etc    

    Consulting and Coaching for Detox and Healing

    Yoga/Meditation and /or Brain Retraining program


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    My easy -to-read Detox Book


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  • February 2, 2016
  • 71 pages
PRANA VEDA~Advanced healing & detox  formula,

Detox Consulting +MCS Chemical Sensitivity Consulting

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Detox Consulting, Start Fresh Today