Detoxing makes you slimmer! Tips

Weight loss and detoxing coincide. When I was really sick and detoxing like crazy, I was very lean and my skin was perfect. Now that I recovered from MCS  and and have relaxed my detoxing efforts, I am not as lean as I was. That said, I eat as much as I want and since I eat superfoods, non-toxic foods, foods that metabolize well and detoxing foods, I am a healthy weight, slim by US standards ~lol.

Detoxing involves speeding up the metabolism in order to process and get rid of toxins. This is one of the main components to detoxing. Speeding up you metabolism for detoxing is also the best way to process toxins, fats  and calories for weight loss. Your liver is the same one that processes fats, calories and toxins.

This means that making your liver more efficient means you will lose weight.  Coffee enemas are becoming a popular form of weight loss ( you do lose a few inches instantly and long term).

Along with the metabolism issue is the fact that toxins are stored in your fat cells.Fat cells store the toxins to protect your other organs. Toxins and fat are shed simultaneously. An obese body is a body which is storing many toxins. I think the proven connection between obesity and cancer is definitely involving the toxins that your fat is storing in order to protect your organs.

Sauna, exercise, vitamin C, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, veggies etc; everything that make your body a detoxing machine also make you leaner.

Below are all great detoxing substances

  • Omega-3 supplement. Found naturally in fish oil, flaxseed oil, or algae, omega-3 can boost your heart and brain health in addition to helping you lose weight. When you purchase your supplements, ask to ensure that the omega-3 (or for that matter, any other supplement you take) is clean of environmental contaminants (mercury, PCBs) and oxidized fats.
  • CoQ. This enzyme is a key factor in energy production and helps your body burn fats and carbs more efficiently. In fact, it was shown to help normalize elevated blood glucose in some cases. It also supports heart health and protects the brain.
  • Green tea. The active ingredients in this tea can boost your metabolic rate by 4 percent for 24 hours after you ingest it, and it elevates your adrenaline for an extended period of time, giving you more energy to be active and exercise — what’s not to love?
  • Carnitine. Found in red meats, this enzyme regulates fat transfer in the mitochondria, where it’s broken down to create energy. Your body can also produce its own, but it may not produce enough to reach optimal levels of this essential enzyme.
  • Lipoic acid. This helps control your blood-glucose levels. It can help stabilize your blood sugar throughout the day. (an essential detox supplement for MCS)
  • Get Plastics Out of your Diet! Use water filters instead of plastic bottled water or get glass jugs and fill up at a local spring! try to avoid all foods packaged in plastic. With a little effort you can reduce the plastics entering you blood stream by 80%.
    Scroll down to see a video on how and why to reduce plastics.
  • Get rid of candida, yeasts, parasites & other toxic bloating uninvited guests to your intestines! Most people are swollen from these and inflammation from GMO’s and even stress.Usually, at least half of that protruding abdomen is yeasts and parasites. Search my site for more info.

I do Detox and weight loss consulting. I don;t believe deprivation is a good strategy, but comfortable manageable changes which result in long term success.  I dont believe at all in diets or even cleanses with out long term permanent change. These things take education and time.

Phone Consultation

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