How to Heal Nervous System and EMFS~ Earthing and Grounding

How to Heal Nervous System and EMFS problems.

Earthing and Grounding & other methods

Plus a consideration for Lyme Disease

{EMFS is Electromagnetic Frequency Sensitivity which many people have and do not realize it. }

Have you ever  struggled with ‘free floating anxiety’, sensitivity to noises or smells, or can’t be around wifi and electricity? Do you have an illness that attacks the nervous system like Lymes, MCS, MS, CFS or Parkinson’s?

I was sick and broke for quite a while and this helped me incredibly!

Hello everyone. I stopped writing so much as I became well for two reasons. One is that I now could go back to living my life and becasue so many of the things that healed me sound so crazy! Many things I did to heal nervous system and EMFS issues I did instinctively. Only later  did I learn that there was real science behind it.

Most of the best things that will heal us are easy and cost nothing. That is why you don’t hear too much about them. I am not going to get rich telling you to go for a walk. And probably, you would rather I had some complicated answer that you need an expert to administer. That is how we are trained. We are used to the answers being difficult.

Touching the ground, a rock, a tree; something connected directly to the electromagnetic field of the Earth helped me.  It was the fastest way to heal nervous system and EMFS issues. The topic of how to heal nervous system And EMFS is important in healing chemical sensitivity, Lyme’s. MS and other illness.

I brought a lot of rocks in from the forest where I live and the creek. I put them in my bed, next to my computer, in my pockets etc. It sounds crazy. However, if you are ill this can help you.  I can feel that the rocks hold the grounding energy. After a while its good to be fresh ones. I know this by sensory perception. I am sure someone has measured it.

Go outside and touch the Earth every day for an hour or however much you need to feel well. I NEEDED every other day for a few hours. I would start feeling stress in my body and unwell and head for the park. I took my shoes off, sat on rocks, walked, etc. This led to communing with nature and becoming a nature mystic. Results may vary!

I actually miss hanging out in nature. Now that I feel so well, I have lots of time to work and do other things. Needing to go outside for health reasons was a great gift!

If you are ill and you don’t put your healing as the number one thing; you may not get well. That is what I have observed over the years helping many people. So going out of doors and finding a place to relax and feel good there is our work. when you get well you will have so much energy to catch up on work!

If you are ill and you don’t have time to so out in nature to heal, there is an imbalance in your life that you might want to look at.  Make it a priority to heal nervous system weakness and you will thrive.

Also, doing my yoga, meditation, visualization, energy protection meditations etc. healed me incredibly. It changed my life and helped me realize my goals and dreams. One of the principals it to raise my vibration and be calibrated to harmonize with the world that I live in. A world of WIFI, Computers and Chemicals. The EMFs and the Chemicals are not going away just yet, so I had to detox and then change my vibration.

There is a GROUNDING PAD which grounds you to the Earth’s electromagnetic field that you plug in inside, Its a  great help, too. I sell one in shop.


My friend asked me about grounding on the airplane

 BETH: advice for shielding from EMFs on the airplane.

EVE: I would take some rocks from the yard and put them in my pockets. They still hold the grounding energy. That is what I perceive anyhow. U grounding every day? Meditating and raising your vibration to match the environment? 

Grounding when you have Lyme Disease

BETH: The idea of sitting in the woods makes me cringe..I had bad Lyme Disease for 15 years. Hiking—cool. Sitting in the woods…..beyond comfort level

ME: oh….. yes, stress is the worst thing you can do for your body. Sit on a rock in a field, in the city perhaps.

There are many things you can do to repair your nervous system! There is a great supplement below. Its important to learn how to feed the brain and nervous system too.

GROUNDING PAD is  great Investment!

Grounding Shoes are wonderful for walks!

Synthetic soles block the grounding energy

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  • February 2, 2016
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