Heal your Brain, Heal your Body

Heal your Brain, Heal your Body


 Neurotransmitters and brain chemistry are at the heart of healing and happiness.

Did you Know that your brain controls the rest of your body, it regulates the stress and every function of your organs.

Wheat hurts the brain

Fats Heal the Brain

Adding healthy fats, detoxing toxins from the brain  and lowering carbs are keys to healing.


The brain  greatly made of fats. When the brain does not get enough fuel, it depletes and weakens all of the other functions. Chemical Sensitivity, MS, Lyme Disease and other illnesses that affect the nervous system are especially affected  brain energy depletion.


Carbs turn into sugars and create anger, anxiety and an energy that goes up and down. The stress response or  “Flight or Fight Response” is constantly triggered and is at the base of anxiety, depression, fear and illness.  This state releases two natural toxic chemical which flood the body and cause heart attacks, obesity and a general break down of all of the body’s systems.

One big problem is that grains, gluten and especially wheat convert into sugars that is a very weak fuel.  It stresses the brain and body.  Wheat intolerance is a big problem these days, it causes Leaky Gut which means that your digestive system is in a state where you can not get nutrition from your food and also toxins from your gut leak out into your blood system. The blood then carries these toxins to the rest of the body.

I quit eating wheat a few years ago as an experiment and was never able to eat it more than a little bit ever since. When I was healing my Chemical Sensitivity, I ate lots of bacon and butter. I also made a lot of beef rib stew and chicken soup. My body wanted it and I ate it. It was grass fed and natural. As I healed I required less meats.

I did also lose weight from giving up wheat. Its not that hard to replace wheat. I never gave up all grains. If you can do that, fine. I just could not and don’t believe in dietary restrictions. I have lowered my carbs and added more veggies and fats and I feel so very well. My chemical sensitivity resolved along with acquiring a greater sense of mental and emotional well being.

Coconut oil, avocados, chia, hemp, flax, seaweed oil, cod liver oil, fish oil, grass fed butter, grass fed meats, WILD caught fish and nuts are good sources of fats. Eating plenty of fats will also help you feel full, and therefore, not load up on carbs, sugars and junk foods.

Coconut oil, avocados, chia, hemp, flax, seaweed oil, cod liver oil, fish oil, grass fed butter, grass fed meats, WILD caught fish and nuts are good sources of fats.

Heal your brain and heal your illness. Every cell in the body is renewed over a 7 year period. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you have permanent damage to your organs or brain. We just need to figure out how to renew them to a more healthy state.

This article presupposes that you already know that eating sugar is not healthy.




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