How to Heal Chronic Illness

How to Heal Chronic Illness

The Holistic Model of Body/Mind/Energy Field

Healing Chronic Illness


One thing that I have understood about health & detoxing is that, the body, mind spirit is one and to heal is to get everything working as optimally as possible. The allopathic model of medicine focuses on finding one symptom and fixing that. I see a  lot of people online trying to heal chronic illness. I was the same way, always looking for the specific answer to my specific problem. I seemed to be perfectly healthy when I suddenly got Environmental Illness or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I worked out, I ate organic. I got desperately ill. Environmental Illness is very serious, debilitating and life threatening.

In ‘Allopatic Medicine’ that has been being practiced the past hundred years or so, focuses more and more on specialization of illness. For example, your thyroid is “malfunctioning”, so you try to fix the level. You need more and more medicine over time to keep your levels at the expected number.  The real question is why did it change its function? Its reacting to a whole system of functions. Your thyroid or other gland, chemistry or organ is usually adjusting to help you. Even fat is created to help your body store toxins and, thus, protect your organs from storing those toxins. Or, it may be there to protect you emotionally from connecting to other people. Every reaction in the body has a function and they are all inter related.
It appears that very illness has a chain reaction back to stress, grief, fear or anger, when you have this, the system is having difficulty processing the germs, toxins etc. This can put anything in your body out of balance over time. Also, could be one lack of minerals or from an irritating toxin. Its really difficult to find the ‘why’, but to heal is to be as healthy as possible in every area. When  I was sick, I spent hours reading about candida, parasites, the liver, eliminating toxins etc. For some months, I furiously tried to understand how to eliminate parasites and candida. I did extreme things like, stop eating all sugars, including fruit and doing constant colon cleansing. While I think all of that cleaning and eating was beneficial. It was not the cure. I was in a constant battle against them. They were formidable foes and all I could find online were other ill people who could not get rid of their parasites.

After a long time of desperately trying to heal my chemical sensitivity, I realized that if my body was balanced and strong it can keep the parasites and candida under control. So I stopped worrying about it so much, which turns out to be very healthy for my whole organism. The worry and fear associated with my chronic illness was making me sicker.
Breathing deeply, avoiding toxins, eating well and clearing negative emotions & stress heals just about everything! Once your body gets onto a healing path, every symptom will get better at the same time. This mind/body healing path that I discovered actually brought me to a state of health, happiness and prosperity and affects every are of my life in a positive way; just the opposite of how the Environmental Illness. I have more energy, am more relaxed and happy and more healthy than ever before. I healed my brain, body, emotions and spirit all at the same time and now my body can handle toxins better than the average person. I never even notice all of the smells that used to make me really ill. I chose to lead a life a toxin free as possible, but don’t feel I need to.

The healing process is unique to every person.  Finding that path is a great blessing.

I help people recover as well as have a mind/body/manifesting program and have written a short book that goes over the different areas to take care of in order to heal.





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