How to heal the lungs on your own

Learn how to heal the lungs.

I healed my chronic asthma and lung problems. You too can learn how to heal the lungs safely and low or no cost.

This video gives you some very good information on how to heal the lungs. As a result of my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, I developed asthma, chronic cough and lung pain. I always felt I was starving for oxygen.

* Breathing exercises are great for healing the lungs.

*The herbs Mullein and Rosemary are two great herbs for healing the lungs.

* Detox, by eliminating chemicals and lung irritants, enables the lungs  to


  •  Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system is great way to repair and restore the organs.
  • Detox toxins from the body helps heal the lungs

Learn how to heal the lungs and get tips on how to recover from chronic illness in this video and my Detox With Ease book.

If your doctor has other methods for repairing the lungs, it’s probably helpful.  My lung specialist sent me home with an inhaler and that was it.

Try these clear and simple healing methods. I tried them until they worked. Not only did my lungs heal, but my health, vitality and well-being improved as a result of these changes. Much asthma and other lung problems are caused by everyday toxins and we can just stop using them. It takes a little time, but is not so difficult.

It took me some months to start to recover.  I still practice and improve upon my health and lung capacity as a part of my daily routine. I got rid of the inhaler, cough and pain 2 years ago.

Health and happiness to you! Click here for video


My book Detox With Ease is very easy to read and contains many very helpful tips for you to permanently reduce your toxic lad by 90%. Real detox is education and not binge fasts and cleanses.


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