How to Heal the Lungs – Breathing & Rib Cage Flexibility

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Deep Breathing & Rib Cage Flexibility

How to Heal the Lungs – Breathing and Rib Cage Flexibility

There are some very simple, easy and no cost ways you can learn how to heal the lungs. Asthma, COPD and other Breathing problems can be greatly improved or healed!

These days many people are having problems with asthma, COPD and other breathing  problems. Breathing oxygen into the lungs and also having the lungs working really well as a detox organ, will greatly improve your health in every way. Oxygen is carried throughout your whole body and helps with energy and metabolism. Oxygen also alkalizes the body.

When I had multiple chemical sensitivity, I developed asthma as a result. I was also having chest pains for about a year and coughing a lot. I felt very old and tired. I am thrilled that I learned How to Heal the Lungs. All of the things I did for me worked anyhow.

I learned that I did not have a flexible rib cage. This situation probably from so many years of PTSD and anxiety which cause chronic shallow breathing.

One of the main things I did to help my lungs was to start exercising my rib cage. When we are not breathing deeply or exercising, the rib cage can actually get really stiff. When we are experiencing a lot of anxiety or illness, then we’re not really breathing deeply or moving our rib cage and it stiffens up. The bones are not dry like we see in skeletons. They’re living organisms and they need exercise just as much as the rest of our body.

Lungs are a detox organ and with every exhalation we are exhaling toxins. So lungs that work well are very important. People think that is is impossible to cure asthma, cure emphysema or cure COPD. but that is not true. There are many things you can do to heal your lungs. This breathing will go along way. See my other articles and get my book for more help.

With breathing exercises, yoga, dance and other kinds of rib cage movements you can loosen up, expand and make your ribs more flexible. This allows so much more oxygen to come in and oxygenate the body and also allows many toxins to be released from the lungs.

One of the best things you can do for your health and well-being is deep breathing. Exercising your rib cage allows your breath to be deeper. Breathing exercises also expand your rib cage and allow you to breathe more deeply each time.

I do yoga for my breathing.  The chest or ‘heart opening’ and yoga twisting exercises are great for the rib cage. I also belly dance and this is amazing for the rib cage. Chest circles are wonderful. Any exercize that lifts the arms, also is beneficial for the rib cage.  A massage is great for freeing the ribs. Going outside in nature and consciously breathing deeply is really amazing too.

The most important thing is to find something you enjoy doing. That way you will keep doing it and keep your ribs and lungs in great shape. I used to think that I did not like certain kinds of yoga or certain kinds of dance.  I tried different teachers and eventually found a teacher who made me love yoga and dance.

Finding motivation is really the key to health because doing something for a week and then quitting is not really going to do much. You can do free breathing exercise videos on YouTube, you can come to my program, you can do yoga tantra breath with your lover; just find something you enjoy.

Kundalini yoga and “breath of fire” is amazing for the lungs. It involves very deep and strong rapid breathing which oxygenates the whole body and really detoxes the lungs. How to heal Heal the Lungs involves detoxing, Movement and herbs or supplements.

Please read my articles on neurotoxins. Other lung articles and other common toxins. These are the reason for so many lung problems and getting rid of these toxins will help heal the lungs.

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See my 20+ ways how to heal the Lungs for more lung tips

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