Intuition and Healing-Trusting your body’s intelligence.

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Intuition and healing ~  Trusting your body’s intelligence

The connection between intuition and healing is now being studied and found to be significant. Many of us have used our intuition in order to find clues on the path to healing and health.   Intuition is a multi sensory experience which connects the mind, the heart, feelings and other information so that we can perceive many that the eyes can not see.

Our body, mind and spirit is carrying on so many functions at the same time. For instance, our heart is beating, we are breathing, thinking, feeling, noticing colors, sensing temperature changes and more. This input is giving us information about our environment and ourselves. Intuition may be a function of the soul or energy field. Yet, it is still valid, as a compilation of information processed on the subconscious level.

Our intuition can be one of our greatest allies and assets in recovering and being healthy. We can sense what vitamins we need, and feel what is lacking in our body.

I used my intuition a lot in recovering my healing.  I would be craving a certain food, or the idea of a particular product might come to my mind, and I would use that. I paid attention to how I was feeling.  I became aware of my subtle senses  when encountering various health protocol special diets. This, added to scientific information and medical advice, was a great combination for healing. The development of intuition and healing came hand in hand for me.

There is a place deep inside that knows what’s right for us at any given moment.
Intuition and healing can help you decide what route to take. No doctor and no friend can really know 100% what is going to be good for us. They may have ideas, but we need to weigh these ideas with research while also with checking in with their own feelings, ideas and perceptions.

When I was craving something I would use that or eat it. Later, I would start googling and researching it. Almost always, I would find that it had the properties that I needed for the exact deficiency that I was feeling at the moment.

I think that a lot of illness comes from being disconnected from how we feel, and from our intuition. That is probably why a lot of illnesses are usually accompanied by anxiety and other unpleasant feelings and emotions. When we are in pain, it is harder to perceive the more subtle things that are going on in ourselves and our environment. It is easy to become disconnected and not know where to turn. This is why physical exercise, contact with nature, and meditative type practices are good for developing your intuition and finding your way to health.

We are told that healing begins in the gut. That is where your gut feelings are and that is where your intuition is usually located. There are many neurons in your gut. The  immune system is there and much goes on there. It is good to be in touch with your ‘gut feelings’ . Find ways to make it feel good at all times

Healing generally encompasses feeling better and well-being on every level. I use my intuition and my feelings about what is going to make me feel good to guide me in making many decisions. We know diet fads and health trends change all the time, and there is no way to know everything about what is correct. It is very easy to get really stressed out in trying to heal or be healthy. So my advice is to take it slow, check in, tune in, and do what you feel like doing. Intuition and healing were a winning combination that helped me heal severe “incurable” Chemical Sensitivity.

I allow myself to eat or drink anything that I want. I take any kind of medication or not. I didn’t have any rules. By following my intuition, my body eventually preferred really healthy food. It likes the highest quality organic grass fed varieties of food. I will eat a box of oreos if I want, or drink a lot of tequila. I’ll notice my body doesn’t like that, and I will stop doing that for a lengthy time, or possibly never.  When we stop playing games about restrictions and punishing, we can really see what our body wants and give it that.

Please note one important consideration. We must try to know the difference between addictive craving and the peaceful instinct of intuition. Your intuition generally does not crave a McFlurry, although there could be something in there your body needs. The body has yeasts, parasites, and microbes that also want to eat. They crave lots of sugars, carbs, alcohol, etc.  That craving has more of a desperate and anxious feel to it. Just be attentive to your craving for hot sauce, steak or whatever it may be. If you are a vegetarian you can find substitutes for what is in the meat that your body wants.  I do feed my food demons now and again. That is my personal philosophy. I enjoy it.

Intuition and healing are enjoyable experiences. My physical healing coincided with emotional well being, lots of self care, and listening to what I really wanted.
Happy healing and health to you.

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