My Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Symptoms or “Fragrance Allergy”

My Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Symptoms.

People’s laundry detergents & perfumes felt suffocating & sickening. What I thought was a fragrance allergy  were Multiple Chemical Sensitivity symptoms.

Cured MCS & enjoying travel

Cured MCS & enjoying travel

A few years back I was a healthy, fit organic foods type person. Suddenly,  I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity symptoms. People’s laundry detergent and perfumes felt suffocating and irritating from across the room. Within a few months I became so ill that I could not be around any airborne chemicals. I could rarely leave the house without becoming ill. 

I developed fatigue. It happened so slowly that I did not notice it. My lungs hurt, I coughed a lot and eventually had asthma attacks. “Adult onset asthma”  is another  multiple chemical sensitivity symptom. There were a variety of neurological symptoms or brain issues. These were brain fog, reduced brain function, irritability, anxiety, twitches, numbness and memory loss.  It doesn’t seem so bad, but it was really scary. Evey day more things bothered me and my world became smaller.

Anyone’s laundry detergent, cleaning products, candles, air fresheners and car exhaust would make me immediately very ill. This MCS is a life threatening and nightmarish illness.  Even the lightest amount of perfume on someone was experienced like being sprayed you in the face with Raid. My MCS was a moderate case but was hurting all of my nervous system, lungs, heart and other organs. The breathing problems were a strain on my heart after a while. I was completely disabled and unable to to normal things without feeling ill. Others experience anaphylatic shock, death and/or become sensitive to every conceivable substance and food. Chemical Sensitivity Symptoms run the gamut from rashes to the complete breakdown of health.

Lucky for me I realized what I had within a few weeks and went to work on reversing it. My Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Symptoms or ‘fragrance allergy’ was googled night and day. When I got sick I could not find one person who had recovered. All I could find were really ill people who were desperate to get well. People living in their cars and unable to do the basics of life, like go into a store.

Politics, and brainwashing by the chemical manufacturers, have created a state where there is almost no public information on damaging chemicals in everything from Teflon to Baby Clothes. Worse yet, is that anyone who brings the subject up is seen as hippy fringe. When you get sick or are bothered by chemicals, you are basically labeled as neurotic.The inability to get help or concessions is one of the most difficult thing with MCS.

“Chemicals are good and healthy” is what is advertised to the public.  Anyone who has a problem with has it because of “ fragrance allergy” or hypochondria. That puts the fault on the one being affected. Chemical or fragrance allergy is not an allergy. The body is being damaged by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Symptoms and the chemicals. It’s a reaction to toxins. Each time you have a reaction to toxins it damages or weakens your body so that it clears the toxins less efficiently each time. If you have an allergy is is not a progressive breakdown of your health. Most with chemical sensitivity symptoms get a lot sicker very rapidly. My Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Symptoms got worse every week. I was still getting worse many months after I started detoxifying.   This is a  serious illness that requires every possible effort to recover from.

IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY SYMPTOMS learn everything you can and start getting well NOW!!

The longer you let it go, the more time it may take to recover. Many people never recover. I feel that anyone can heal. It usually takes a supreme effort. Everyone is different.

I lay in bed toxic and tired for a few years reading everything on toxins and healing. I could never find a doctor who could help me. Even most naturopathic doctors do not understand MCS. Fortunately, I got well and feel better than ever! I do not worry or fret about toxins. I can no longer smell them like I could before. Its quite a useful skill to know what is toxic! Yet, awful to know that almost everything in our world is toxic! yikes. My sense of smell is almost ‘normal’ now. In fact, a lot of my friends are more bothered than I am by a given chemical .

However, I make an effort to avoid toxins and keep my body as pure as is comfortable for me.


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