2016 the “Year of the NEUROTOXIN”

2016 is the “Year of the NEUROTOXIN”


Thanks to the internet, everyone knows what a GMO and BPA are. Now its time everyone knows what a neurotoxin is!!

“A neurotoxin is a toxic agent or substance that inhibits, damages or destroys the tissues of the nervous system, especially neurons, the conducting cells of your body’s central nervous system.”


 There are so many neurotoxins in our daily life that it seems normal, until you become very ill like I did.

I spent much of my year on brain trauma units and brain recovery units with my sister, and met some young brain researchers in some of the best hospitals in the world. No one seemed to know what a neurotoxin was. I would ask around and do a little education if it seemed fit. I couldn’t do much because there is so much defensiveness around this subject. My heart broke as my sister lay in the bed after the car accident, in a coma and then trying to reconnect her neural pathways (brain) while breathing in neurotoxic air of the hospital and laundry detergents and hair products of the staff  ‘techs’ that sat by her bed. If the general public or even doctors knew that these chemicals damage the brain, it would have been a different experience.
So 2016 is now I am promoting ‘the Year of the Neurotoxin’! May all of us breathe healthy air in 2017!
I know what it is because they made me ill and my life a living hell for several years when I had  Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. MCS is also known as Chemical Allergy, Environmental Illness, Sick Building Syndrome, Toxic Encephalitis, Toxic Injury. 
A nuerotoxin is a substance that is toxic to the brain and nervous system and whole body. Most commonly they are inhaled through the nose (like cocaine). They cause everything from irritability, depression, anxiety, memory loss, lowered IQ, brain fog, nerve related illness like MS and Parkinson’s and Erectile dysfunction. Your brain realizes that these are dangerous invaders and triggers the ‘stress response’ flight or fight response. This stress over-activated stress response wreaks havoc on human health. the immune system and well-being.

Some of the most prevalent neurotoxins are:

Fresh Landry ‘Scent’ & Dryer Sheets  *  Perfumes  *  Air fresheners  *  Exhaust fumes (nuerotoxins are a major cause of road rage)  *  Candles (even non scented-its the burning petroleum) *  Teflon  *   All chemical cleaning products  *  EMFs  *  Pesticides sprayed roses & flowers  * New Clothes smell  *  Lead  * Mercury  * Aluminum  *  New Furniture Smell  *  Mold is a naturally occurring one  * Anything that smells like plastic  *  Diet Soda (aspartame) * Scented hair products  *  New carpet smell  * Chlorine in water  *    Anything that smells like chemicals like Nail polish, Fresh paint * off-gassing new plastic objects & containers  * MSG *  Bug Spray

I will make cute memes and circulate them from my detox social media. So by 2017 everyone will know what a neurotoxin is. Once you understand what these buggers do or if you are bothered by them you will not use them. They are not necessary. With effort you can cut them out by 50-90%.
Also, every one of these chemicals produced goes into the air and the water and our bodies. They are created in a toxic factory. These chemicals are found in rivers and oceans all over the world.   People now don’t clean, they just spray Febreeze on things. These fresh chemicals have made things dirtier, by covering smells. Smells are there to tell us to clean something. People used to clean with sunshine and fresh air. Those two elements happen to be the best mold, virus inhibitors….now we shut ourselves up in a buildings which never get an open window and release toxins into the air which we were programmed to equate with ‘clean’. I digress.
This insanity will stop. In the future brain injured people will be in an environment that stimulates brain health. There will be oxygen and delicious natural aromas of cinnamon or fresh mint not floor cleaner and toxic laundry detergent and hair products.
The brain has incredible regenerative capacity and the nervous system. I, myself was very ill with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, EMF Sensitivity and my nervous system was fried.
2016~The Year of the Neurotoxin! Please help make this happen by SHARING this Post and the future information in upcoming articles.  Also, let your friends & family know.
Some people can get rid of anxiety and depression just from changing from neurotoxic perfume to nuero-protective scents.

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  • February 2, 2016
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