One person’s story using the drug Parnate “MCS Symptoms Gone”

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One person’s story using the drug Parnate “MCS Symptoms Gone”. Neurotransmitter Deficiency, Amino Acids and How to recover from MCS.

   On my Facebook Page, one person tried the drug Parnate, and her Multiple Chemical Sensitivity symptoms are gone. I have on my Anecdotal Cures sections other drugs that people have taken with success.I think if I were ill and desperate I might try this or LDN (another). The problem is that drugs that affect the brain have no long term testing. Drugs are really not much testing at all. Also, if your symptoms are gone, it would be difficult to find the motivation to do ALL OF THE Effort necessary to recover from MCS.

I never took any drugs to get well, but did do intensive work on every area of my person, including things that generate neurotransmitters like relaxing, self-hypnosis, nature, getting rid of stress, healing the gut, getting better nutrition, yoga and meditation. I created a brain retraining program that worked for me. Email me at or buy a yoga meditation session if interested.

   I think that perhaps these types of drugs can actually cause MCS. I took many psychotropic drugs and anti-depressants over the years, and have read extensively, that there is no research and plenty of evidence that they damage the brain.

   Below, I have included excerpts from emails from the person trying this drug. I want to add that, what I have learned is that the body is a whole, which includes all of your organs, hormones, nervous system, amino acids and other chemistry; lymphatic system, adrenal glands, vitamins, minerals, emotions and the ‘energetic body’ or electric system.This is why there is an article on why neurotransmitter deficiency causes MCS  Amino Acid deficiency or leaky gut or PTSD.

   Modern science has compartmentalized everything into ‘one symptom that needs one drug’. Truly, the body/mind is a complex interdependent system. Everything you do to one part, affects all of the others. By the time we have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or any chronic illness, our body has many systems that are not working well.

   Toxins, stress, fear, anger, GMOs and pesticides damage the gut, which is where we absorb our nutrition and where most neurotransmitters are created. I detoxed everything, took supplements for a long while, got acupuncture, used grounding, so many things—and now focus on yoga, meditation, avoiding stress, healing emotions and enjoying life.

   In the beginning of my recovery it was coffee enemas, sauna, detox cocktail supplements, gut healing, psychotherapy and nutrition overhaul.

   If you are going to use a drug like this, for getting rid of your symptoms, know that it will create long-term side effects and the effectiveness will eventually wear off. So you must be extra diligent to keep detoxing and finding ways to get your own body to generate the neurotransmitters that it needs. Being ill is great motivation for making the changes that are  necessary to get well. Also, having MCS lets you know clearly what neurotoxins are in your environment. It is not beneficial to get rid of MCS, only to get cancer or some other illness down the road.

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Laura: she is a young mother and, yes, was on Oprah before she got MCS

Laura on Oprah

Laura on Oprah

MCS Parnate

Thank you so much for posting about me for the prayers this month. I wanted to tell you a friend of mine who I haven’t spoken to in many years told me she was very sick about twenty five years ago. She had everything I have. Since last August I’ve been getting when scared these electric shock feelings in my body and no doctor could tell me what that was. My friend said after going to over fifty doctors she finally got help. She said she couldn’t go into a dry cleaners or stand behind a bus because of the strong smells. Well turned out she had a neurotransmitter deficiency norepinephrine. She took Parnate which is an MAOI drug and she said within a week she saw MIRACLE results, She didn’t smell strong odors anymore and her whole body felt better. She thinks I have this same problem. And she may be right because I feel like my nervous system is hypersensitive and on overdrive. I do not like taking drugs at all but if it will help balance out my deficiencies for a few months I’m willing to do it.  I have a drs appointment this Thursday and she is meeting me there. It’s her dr and she swears by him so we will see. I know yoga and meditation has helped you, so I believe the nervous system must be healed to heal other things. Oh and she said she couldn’t tolerate meds or certain foods she would burn and after taking the meds she was able to take everything because that hyper sensitivity went down. I googled some stuff and it does say on some sights that Central sensitization or Hypersensitivity Nervous System Disorder is the cause of MCS. It amazes me that no doctor I went to even mentioned this can be the cause. I pray this gives me some relief at least enough to where I don’t need a mask outside. I am still doing everything else though such as enemas, saunas, healthy eating. So maybe everything together I will heal. Thanks again

I am on the drug for a little over a month so it’s still early to tell people how it helps after you finding taking it..long term effects for MCS….BUT it takes the sensitivity away. Literally my nose useto burn in contact with certain chemicals and now it doesn’t. I haven’t worn a mask since these meds so if people want some relief with that  then they should do it. It is a very strong MAO drug so people need to be careful with certain foods. There is a list of foods you cannot eat while on Parnate. It causes high blood pressure.

I believe my issues are neurotransmitter related. I believe I have an imbalance in my norepinephrine (low levels) But can you talk about amino acid and fatty acid deficiencies. I learned I am low in many amino acids such as Taurine ( a big MCS) and Methioione, Valine, Leucine other big ones for MCS. Also I lacked some b vitamins that help detoxify. With low amino acids your body’s neurotransmitters, hormones, and everything does not function correctly causing MCS. I want more people with MCS to check their levels they may discover deficiencies and be able to fix them to feel better..there are articles about amino acids and MCS….

I am gluten free so my stomach is healing, I still do sauna therapy enemas, vitamins minerals and amino acid supplementation, eat all organic food no processed. And I’ve been trying to stay stress free. Nervous system must heal as well as adrenal glands, pancreas, thyroid, hormones, etc,..Thanks


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