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Take your health into your own hands, spend the time and the money you have to assist your bodies awesome healing power.

Here are some important healing modalities and factors for MCS or any chronic illness. Also perfect for your health and avoiding disease!

FOOD is the cornerstone of health. Eating nutrient dense super-foods that you enjoy build your immune system, energy and organs which will help your body be strong and heal itself. See the FOOD page for more details.

A good probiotic is essential to gut health. you can read up on it, If you really want to save money and also enjoy the famous Kombucha health drink which is full of probiotics, You can make it easily and cheaply. http://happyherbalist.com/kombucha_brewing_guide.htm You can make the culture “mushroom” by Buying a non-flavored Kombucha at the store and letting some air get to it for a week or so. Probiotics and gut health are essential to good health!

Parasites I discovered I had all kinds of parasites.  You think you don’t have them. I was just as shocked, as I really don’t look like the type :)! I had a flat stomach and seemingly perfect digestion. Never had any kind of stomach problem. It will gross you out, but I had scary looking bugs in there and some worms! Sorry! Lots of people detox only to discover something scary floating in the toilet. I shrieked! You want to kills parasites at least 3 times a year!

There is a short term herbal mixture of Black Walnut and Wormwood, use that with fresh, non-irradiated cloves (Frontier). you can chew on the cloves. Do the drops and cloves for three weeks. you can get Parafree  or Paragone at Whole Foods, Health food stores  or at my Shop .  You don’t want to take it too long, its somewhat toxic. Absinthe is made with wormwood, which I think is why it was banned for so long. But its beneficial if not overdone.

There are lots of food that parasites don’t like Pineapple, pumpkin seeds, garlic, turmeric, ginger (always eat the ginger with your sushi to kill parasites!) pau d’arco and more!

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth kills parasites, beside being great for   hair and nails! It is not toxic, it kills pests because the shape of the mineral rips their little insides out. Good for sprinkling on your dogs food as well.

You can go crazy trying to kill parasites and studying them can make you insane!
Curezone has lots about parasites. I talk some in “My Dirty Little Secret” video. In the end my philosophy about candida and parasites is, kill them now and again, but take molybdenum to  neutralize the toxins they produce, take plenty of good probiotics and do everything you canto heal the guy (important is to reduce stress).

Candida Health experts say that almost everyone in the modern world has candida. Its a yeast that is in the body but can grow out of control from even one use of antibiotics, eating GMO foods, sugars, stress and having out of balance gut health. My personal take is kill some candida with Apple Cider Vinegar enema (1 tablespoon to 1 quart), lots of god probiotics, molybednum, cut out sugars and processed foods, even too much honey etc. Heal the gut, reduce stress and detox. I think that overall healing will help candida and visa-versa. Some people have strict no carbs, no sugars digest; but I just don’t have the motivation for that.

Toxic Mold can be a cause or Factor in MCS or any chronic illness. Learn as much as you can.http://moldblogger.com/mold-warning-signs-how-to-tell-if-you-have-a-mold-problem/

Tests There are lots of tests available to do at home and send into a lab. There are gluten tests, vitamin levels, toxic metals, hormone etc. You may have a doctor to run and interpret all of these tests for you. Life Extension has a lot of tests and health professionals  you can call to discuss results with id you are a member.

Oxygen is very healing and detoxing to the body. Breathing also helps to relax which is very important for health. There are lots of great oxygen therapies I have read about (H202, Hyperbaric Oxygen, OxyPowder). My MCS first showed up in a gym class, where you breathe deeply and there is no oxygen, just a room full of chemical products heating up on bodies and carbon dioxide being exhaled. I open my Windows when its not rush hour, bike through the park and side streets and hike for my health. I am doing some yoga and one of my long term goals is to breathe deeply on a regular basis. Sometime, just taking some deep breaths when you think of it can change your body chemistry.

There are foods and supplements that increase oxygen levels in the body like Pomegranate, and other fruits and veggies.