Save Money & Get better ‘health’ products~Awesome TIP!

LoveDetoxGrapgicLook to learn from product labels. Read ‘cleanses’, ‘detoxes’, ‘immune boosters’, ‘gut health’ products to see what is in them & then incorporate those herbs or superfood into your routine.

Go home Google the ingredients, educate yourself & have that knowledge for life! Buying your own organic ingredients will be cheaper & better quality than what they are giving you in the package. Unless you know a company very well and have investigated all of its ingredients and sources, you are often better making your own.

General dosages can be found online, and are not usually that specific as every body is different and requires different amounts of things to be effective.

One very simple example is that many gut ‘cleanses’ are just the famous psyllium husk and bentonite clay mix. The packages gut cleanse may have an herb or two also added. For half the price you can get reputable quality psyllium husk & bentonite clay and get as much as 10 times the amount if you buy it yourself.

Detox is a lifelong necessity and all that you learn about it and health will benefit you over the years.

Also, please dont buy any kind of supplements from companies you know noting about, especially, if its your friend’s multi-level marketing. Go home and look into the company first or shop at places and from companies you trust. It is all to common for them to contain toxic and cheap ingredients from China or India. Even organic certification is no guarantee of anything, if its imported.

I do wellness coaching, I recovered from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, a very difficult chronic condition by eliminating hundreds of chemicals from my life, and various mind/body techniques.

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