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MCS Yoga Challenge Brain retraining30 day Skype Yoga Challenge + Visualization!

It will change your life! It begins the transformational healing process of brain retraining. Adding visualization will get you your health and life goals. I have proven and am convinced that simple seated Kundalini yoga with 5 minutes of visualization of goals is the fastest and easiest way to change your life and health. The ease of this program will kick-start you into new healthy habits. This yoga is easy, yet detoxes, stretches, tones and increases lung capacity as well as connecting left and right sides of the brain for creation of new neural pathways. Skype yoga challenge could not be any easier!

Are you tired of feeling sick, tired, over weight, out of shape, depressed etc? This simple challenge will change your life.


Program developed by author of DETOX WITH EASE .  

She recovered from severe chemical sensitivity!


In the wellness process, she created a fantastic life & body. Apart from detoxing, Skype Yoga plus visualization were the most powerful tools.


Daily at 8:00 am Eastern Time.

3  Free Scholarships available (email me).

5  low price scholarships.

Yoga Challenge Options

For only $125:  Yoga Challenge + 2   35 minute private Fitness/Wellness/Detox consultations a $165 value

Email evespotofgold @ gmail.com for Skype name


This Skype yoga is seated…Its easy! This kundalini will energize your body and breath.


Instagram + other  internet broadcast options available.

Email to suggest other time options. evespotofgold@gmail.com

I have helped people effortlessly drop 50 pounds. I have helped people go from using a walker to doing headstands. I have helped thousands of sufferers of Chemical sensitivity and EMF sensitivity get better or recover. This easy Skype Yoga + Visualization is my secret weapon to health.  I have helped many enjoy  a life of  physical fitness. Easy does it! Life is not meant to be so difficult!


This does everything other “brain retraining” programs do. Yet, has added bonuses of physical improvement, fun, easy and community support. Once you know my techniques, you can do them on your own, with your friends or whatever. Its very simple and compiled of things that are already understood by cutting edge science.

Detox Book "Detox With Ease" Reduce Toxins by 90% -Buy Now!

  • [caption id="attachment_8324" align="alignnone" width="598"]Detox Book by Eve Hennessa Detox with Ease Book[/caption] [ebook_store ebook_id="5988"] CLICK here for paperback on Amazon http://tinyurl.com/h3jex95

    A fast read & reference guide.  Contains effortless to advanced techniques. Reduce toxins by 90% at your own pace! Best Detox Book available.

    The best way to Detox Your Body, lose weight, Purify your Life; Become an Evolved Super Human: Feel Great, Look Great, and Be Great!

    Confused about all the Detox Programs and Products out there?

    This detox book will give you information and techniques you need to know how to keep your body 90% more toxin free. Email evespotofgold@gmail.com if for some reason you don't receive the book.

    No Further products programs needed!

    This 71 page detox book is a positive, easy and extremely effective detox information.

    Author Eve Hennessa healed herself of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and spent years studying the toxins in everything we come in contact with, as well as, all the most effective detox methods. 

    " I lost 50 pounds and got healthy! Best Detox Book Available"  Eliza Bundledee

    This detox knowledge and techniques are used in healing any chronic illness. MCS, CFS, Cancer, Obesity, Fibromyalgia, Lymes, Arthritis, Aches & Pains, MS, ED, Depression, Anxiety, Infertility, memory problems, bad mood etc    

    Consulting and Coaching for Detox and Healing

    Yoga/Meditation and /or Brain Retraining program


    Most Powerful & Pure Brain Supplement ever made

    My easy -to-read Detox Book


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  • February 2, 2016
  • 71 pages


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