Toxic Beauty treatments:

toxic beauty treatmentsToxic Beauty treatments: Be beautiful & Healthy

We all want to look great, but at what cost? Aesthetic products are an increasing cause of toxicity. Even toxic beauty treatments are advertised as safe, However, most doctors, tattoo artists and nail spas don’t have the information about what is in their products.


There are every day new alternatives and new non-toxic treatments available.

* Acrylic Nails. They are very toxic beauty treatments. I am not sure it wasn’t a major contributing factor in my environmental  illness. I don’t think any false nails or nail glue is good, But acrylic nails are extremely toxic.

*Nail Polish. Use non-toxic (or at least, OPI nail polish-which is toxic but not as bad as the rest which have Toluene and Formaldehyde).
*Tattoos: There is toxic and nontoxic tattoo ink. Some has mercury. Look into it before getting tattooed. I have heard that many inks also contain plastics. Yikes!

* Eyelash Extension glue has formaldehyde and latex I got some and they looked great but made my eyes sting, so i investigated. I read of a nontoxic glue to take to the salon, but couldn’t find it online.

* Botox is called “Botox Neurotoxin” the name freaks me out. MCS is very much about chemicals that affect your brain called “neurotoxins”. I have read that people have become very ill with immune system issues and even MCS after using these products. Grow bangs. This is one of the most toxic beauty treatments. If you need it, get the minimum. Everyone seems to think its fine to inject endless amounts of this, If you don;t have wrinkles, don’t be so naive s to think this will prevent them.

*Dermal Fillers are said to be ‘natural Hyaluronic Acid’ but I have read that it is made from bacteria and is not so natural as they say. Also, it is not published what are the preservatives and chemicals in the mixture.

* Keratin Treatment is toxic I have read, investigate before you get it. I got one that was supposedly formaldehyde and chemical free, but it burned my eyes and throat. Those advertised as non-toxic were found to contain formaldehyde and other chemicals.

*Breast and other Implants Even if the silicone never leaked, plastics are chemicals whose effects are still not completely known. Heated plastic is not good. Most chemicals in plastics have never been tested and I would not want that in my body. Many people believe implants cause MCS and other immune system issues.

*Hair Extensions: some are more toxic than others. Smell before buying, I got really sick once with hair extensions. They are full of formaldehyde.


Many have gotten ill from toxic beauty treatments: Keep detoxed and do the best you can!

Here are some common toxic Personal Care Products and non-toxic alternatives to use instead.
Scent – use essential oils if tolerated or eliminate perfume
Fragrance Free Products – soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and bath products
Lotion – use unscented versions or natural oils such as jojoba, coconut, and olive oil
Shaving Cream – soap
Aftershave – witch hazel or hydrogen peroxide
Deodorant – peroxide, natural salt crystal, baking soda, unscented versions
Hair Styling – aloe vera gel, lemon juice
Hair Color – natural variations, peroxide to bleach, all natural henna for color
Shampoo / Conditioner unscented variations, baking soda, vinegar, citric acid, oils
Nail Polish and Remover – safer variations from the health food store or go au natural
Make-up – unscented, natural variations or go au natural

Skin Deep and EWG are a great data base of  toxic beauty treatments. Check out make-up and products before buying.


Many products are making their products less toxic and other ‘healthy’ or ‘organic’ companies are being bought by large corporations and then made more cheaply and more toxic; so check your products once a year!

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